Joyful Things

A few times in our lives, when we’re very lucky, we stumble onto something that speaks directly to our soul. Sometimes it’s music, other times it’s art, or a person, or an activity, or simply the breathtaking wonder of something in the natural world. And when we find these things, it is vitally, critically important that we never let the experience go.

I’ve been lucky enough to find one of these things recently, and it came in the form of a song titled simply “She” by an artist called Dodie.

Now, this isn’t a review of the song, or a call to follow a particular artist, and I promise I’ll get to the point here in a minute, but I do want to describe the song for you. Because only one other song has ever resonated this deeply with who I am as a person, and the experience permanently marked me both times.

“She” is quiet. And instrumentally simple. Lyrically, it tells the story of someone so in love that she can only describe her feelings though metaphors of smell and taste. It is melancholy, and joyous, and triumphant, and utterly, devastatingly, painful all at the same time. For me, in this era of my life, it sounds like my soul.

As I said before, I’ve only experienced this level of connection with a piece of music one other time in my life. It’s a beautiful, wonderful feeling, and holding on to these types of experiences can bring us real peace when things inevitably get dark.

Now, hopefully, as I was describing this song and what it does for me, you thought back to something in your life that does the same thing for you. If not, take a moment now and find one. I truly believe that each of us has a small number of these moments in our histories that shine brighter than the rest. Take this time to think back and bask in the glow.

So, what’s the point of this post?

Honestly, that was it.

Usually my writing comes with a tip or an experience that illustrates how I think we can be better, or happier, or shows us a way we can better take care of those around us. This one has none of that. I just want you to take the opportunity to remember something pure and wonderful in your life and let yourself feel it. Maybe that thing is your children, or your family, or your friends, or a book, or a song or….well, you get the picture.

Life is hard. But it is also brilliantly, wonderfully beautiful. Try not to forget that.

I’ll leave you with the final lines from “She.”

And she smells like lemongrass and sleep;

She tastes like apple juice and peach;

You would find her in a polaroid picture;

And she means everything to me;

Yes she means everything to me;

She means everything to me.

“She” by Dodie

Thanks for reading, you’ve got this,



30 thoughts on “Joyful Things

  1. This is spot on. There is a kind of magic in taking time to notice the beauty in the world around us and allow ourselves to really feel and experience the sense of connection and wonder this brings.

    This is I think the root of the current trend for “gratitude”, although this is often somewhat misguided IMO. I far prefer the approach you set out here!

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  2. I love this!! Just found your blog from Twitter. I find that songs are so intimate and meaningful sometimes that it’s painful when others don’t resonate or “get it”. Such a powerful read! 🙏🏻

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  3. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes we need to just take in whatever makes us feel joyful and not overthink it. Those little moments of peace and joy can set the tone for an entire day if you let them.

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  4. This was a wonderful read. Songs really effect me too. Music can really lift my spirit. I even start believing in miracles and wondering about the unknown by just hearing lyrics. Sometimes there’s no point or specific reason, there’s just this beauty or joy from the most unlikely things.

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  5. I’m another one who totally gets this, but thanks for the reminder, Ian. For me, I think back to some of the Christmases of my childhood. They never fail to put a smile back on my face, even during the summer when it’s hot and humid outside. And now I’ve started collecting Christmas items that were around during my childhood. That might seem strange, but just seeing them lifts my mood.

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    1. That’s not strange at all! The world is an intense place, and I think anything and everything that can bring us back to these simple moments of peace and happiness is of real value.

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  6. This reminds me of the joy I get when I listen to Yo-Yo Ma play bach Suite No. 1 in G major that hits my soul every time. I don’t know what it is about that song but oh it brings me so much joy, especially when I am in my artistic moods! (of course, I am playing it now lol).

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  7. Those lyrics are beautifully sublime and help illustrate how wonderful writing can reach us.

    Just the whole image of describing as something from a ‘Polaroid picture’ brings up an image, a girl with a vintage look from a particular era?

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  8. The picture from your tweet really caught me with this one as it looked a little like a nuke. But sometimes we always think the worst of a situation and this turned out to be joyous instead of negative. That tune is really mellow might listen to it again later it’s a little too early and I have things to do that tune makes me just want to doze off for the night.

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  9. It’s a good idea to get us thinking about what touches our soul. For me, it’s through human experiences that can be shared through music, but also through life stories, testimonies, encounters, memories, etc. It connects me to myself and to others.


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